380º Invenis the company behind the Compacttilt™ products.

Compacttilt™ is 100 % Danish developed and produced quality tilt products.

13 years knowhow in the mechanical engineering industry

We are proud of that we have solved every challenge given to us by a wide range of Danish and foreign production companies.

We do things differently because we manufacture all mechanical components in our own CNC and forging department - coupled with a theoretically strong engineering department, we achieve great synergy between craft skills and theoretical principles.

Strong technical craftsmanship

All stages are in-house: inventing the solution, engineering and drafts, producing unique components, assembling, Fat-test. Our mechanical understanding is strong because we work with machines in all its stages.

Throughout our work as a repairer, maintenance and new developer, we have built up a broad and deep mechanical knowledge of what makes a production machine good - also in the long term.

Prototype and specialty production

We also solve special designs, prototype production and production of smaller series in our milling department.

380 ° Invent ApS - Troubleshooter

We are our customers' problem solver - and this means we are currently working on developing new and optimizing existing solutions. We are aiming at a solution where unnecessary complicated processes / constructions are eliminated and the finished result standout as simple and streamlined – that is for us strong technical craftsmanship

We are especially proud to say that we, as a team in the whole company's history, have solved and achieved the goals of all the challenges we have been given!


0 - 1.250 kg


Max 2T


Max 3T


Max 6T


Max 10T


Max 3T



Compacttilt™ is the markets most compact products within the category of tiltcoupler and tiltrotators

Compacttilt™ is a Danish quality product with a unique strong engine that excels in the work of planning, sewage, shelf and foundation work. Compacttilt™ is developed with a focus on stability and optimum utilization of machine power. Compacttilt™ is up to 40% lower in hight than similar products.

Low mounting height - So you can dig a sharp edge close to the machine - Maximum utilization of the machine's power

Low weight - Avoid losing the power of the machine - Fill the bucket to max

Designed simple - To be strong and resistant to wear

Not wider than attachment - Good for narrow renderings and under narrow working conditions

Minimal maintenance - Less time to spend

Incl. hydraulic quick changer and pin lock locking system - Ensures easy change of tool

Shielding of exposed parts - Developed to be a stable and strong product

Danish product - Developed and produced by the 380 °Invent in Nørre Åby – all spareparts in stock/same day shipping

Valve system or reversing block - With valve system or reversing block, Compacttilt™ is ready for assembly

For more product info on our CompacttiltTM products or how to becoming a dealer – just contact us: mail@380.dk